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Netflix Gets Panama Papers Firm’s Suit Moved as Film Releases

Panama Papers law firm Mossack Fonseca & Co.'s libel case against Netflix over the film “The Laundromat,” which releases today, was transferred to California federal court after the District of Connecticut ruled it didn’t have jurisdiction over the parties.

AT&T Sued Over Alleged iPhone Hack, Cryptocurrency Theft

AT&T Inc. is facing a new lawsuit in federal court in Los Angeles from a digital media adviser and adjunct professor who says two AT&T employees hacked his iPhone and facilitated the theft of nearly $2 million in cryptocurrency.

New York City Has a Property Tax Problem

In 1981 New York City adopted a new property tax system. Still in place today, the system created odd discrepancies where, for example, owners of tenement buildings can be assessed as if they’re luxury condos.

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