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Judge v. Jury: $350 Million Medicare Award at Stake in Atlanta

The invalidation of a Florida jury’s nearly $350 million Medicare fraud verdict wasn’t only frustrating for whistleblower Angela Ruckh and her attorneys. It may have also seriously hurt plaintiffs’ ability to fight alleged fraud in the southeast U.S.

NFL Plan Spars With Former Lineman Over $1 Million in Benefits

The National Football League retirement plan is escalating its battle over disability benefits with a former defensive lineman on the Chicago Bears 1985 Super Bowl-winning team, calling the player “remorseless in the face of his misdeeds” in court filings in the Middle District of Florida.

Infrastructure: The Hardest Easiest Problem

President Trump spoke nearly two years ago from the Oval Office about the country's infrastructure, saying “we’ll have that done pretty quickly.” But “Infrastructure Week” is now a running joke, and the White House and Congress appear to be no further along on legislation to fix the country's crumbling infrastructure.

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