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Republic First Bancorp Custodian Wrongly Appointed, Court Says

A dispute between warring factions of Republic First Bancorp Inc.'s board of directors should have been resolved internally, the Third Circuit ruled, reversing a decision allowing a court-appointed custodian to take steps to fill a newly vacant board seat.

Edelson Sues Girardi Law Firm Alleging $100 Million Fraud Plot

The now-defunct Girardi Keese law firm operated a continuing criminal enterprise that stole more than $100 million from its clients, co-counsel, vendors, “and many others unfortunate enough to do business with the firm,” the Edelson PC law firm said in a federal lawsuit.

Tech Firms Brace for Legal Mess of Abortion Data Subpoenas

Technology giants including Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp.and Google, facing questions about whether they’d hand over users’ personal data to authorities pursuing evidence on abortion seekers, are bracing for the multi-state legal quagmire that will govern privacy in a post-Roe world.

States Expand Bans on Nondisclosure Pacts Beyond #MeToo Claims

Nondisclosure agreement restrictions in Washington state might be the nation’s broadest after recent revisions—as NDA bans spread and expand beyond their original scope nearly five years after the #MeToo movement spotlighted sexual harassment and assault.

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MicroStrategy's Unrelenting Bitcoin Bet

MicroStrategy Chairman and CEO Michael Saylor joins Emily Chang to talk about his position on a potential Bitcoin loan, his view on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency volatility, and whether he expects Bitcoin to drop even further.

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