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Oklahoma Contractors to Pay $3 Million to Resolve Fraud Claims

Oklahoma-based Ross Group Construction Corp. and affiliates will pay nearly $3 million to settle allegations they violated the False Claims Act by improperly receiving set-aside contracts reserved for disadvantaged small businesses, the Justice Department said.

Defense Bills Targeted to Cut Off Military Gear to Police Forces

A Pentagon initiative that has transferred excess military equipment to U.S. police departments is in congressional cross-hairs as law enforcement officers in riot gear have used rubber bullets, flash-bang devices, and pepper spray to disperse nationwide protests.

Mississippi Agency to Pay $5 Million to Settle SNAP Fraud Claims

The Mississippi Department of Health Services will pay $5 million to resolve allegations it violated the False Claims Act in its administration of SNAP, a federal program that provides low-income individuals and families with food purchasing assistance, the Justice Department said.

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Coronavirus and Force Majeure Clauses

Covid-19 has legal teams exploring whether to turn to a rarely tested section of their contracts: the force majeure, or act of god, clause.

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