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York Telecom Keeps $52 Million Video Teleconferencing Contract

National Capitol Contracting LLC failed to show that the Social Security Administration erred in awarding York Telecom Corp. a $52 million contract for video enterprise services integration support and video teleconferencing hardware, software, and maintenance, the GAO said.

Ernst & Young Keeps $13 Million NASA Audit Services Task Order

NASA reasonably awarded Ernst & Young LLC a nearly $13 million task order for the agency’s annual full-scope financial statement audit despite a past performance evaluation challenge from Cotton & Co. LLP, the GAO said in a decision released Monday.

Biden’s Jobs Plan Cues Anti-Bias Funding, Enforcement Resources

The broad sweep of the Biden administration’s $2 trillion jobs plan and overhaul of the nation’s infrastructure has rekindled the debate about what actually is infrastructure, and whether and how his proposal’s objectives can be met while maintaining its stated commitment to racial equity.

SpaceX Wins NASA Moon Lander Award as Musk Beats Bezos (1)

Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp. won a NASA contract to develop a system for landing astronauts on the moon, beating out two other bidders, fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin and a unit of Leidos Holdings Inc.

Feds Lose $133 Million Award Challenge in HUD Subsidies Case

Hundreds of public housing agencies properly sued the Department of Housing and Urban Development for breaching contracts by underpaying operating subsidies after Congress in 2012 funded only about 80% of total operating subsidies, the Federal Circuit affirmed Friday.

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Coronavirus and Force Majeure Clauses

Covid-19 has legal teams exploring whether to turn to a rarely tested section of their contracts: the force majeure, or act of god, clause.

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