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Spotlight on Atlanta Tax Attorney John Hackney

Our Spotlight series highlights the careers and lives of tax professionals across the globe. This week’s Spotlight is on attorney John Hackney, a shareholder at Chamberlain Hrdlicka in Atlanta. Hackney represents individuals, small businesses, and large corporate clients in disputes with the IRS and other taxing authorities.

Tax Credit Limit Looms Over Electric Vehicle Market (Podcast)

Automakers are lobbying Congress to expand a federal EV tax credit. On the latest episode of Talking Tax, Ellen Hughes-Cromwick of Third Way breaks down the argument for expanding the credit, discusses why Ford’s new electric-powered pickup truck could be a game-changer for the market, and highlights the incentives other countries offer.

Whirlpool Seeks High Court Review of IRS Foreign Income Dispute

Appliance manufacturer Whirlpool asked the US Supreme Court to weigh in on a long-running dispute with the IRS over $45 million in income made by a Luxembourg subsidiary, arguing that an appeals court inappropriately disregarded Treasury regulations when it sided with the IRS.

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