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Neuriva Brain Booster $8 Million Class Deal Draws Objections

An $8 million false ad class settlement between Neuriva memory supplement consumers and Reckitt Benckiser LLC offers nearly nothing for the class while disproportionately benefiting their lawyers, an objecting class member and a consumer advocacy group told a Florida federal court.

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Prestige Still Beats ‘Quality of Life’ in Big Law Talent War

Big Law sorely needs more associates to handle an avalanche of work, but just can’t seem to hold on to them. An analysis of Vault rankings and recent hiring data indicates the most “prestigious” Big Law brands seem to be drawing more associates than the firms rated highest for quality of life.

‘I’m Not a Cat’ Takeaways: 5 Virtual Court Tips from Judges

In the wake of lawyer cat, judges from across the country share advice lawyers must know to ace their virtual court appearances.

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