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Wake Up Call: Wachtell Works on $37 Billion in Deals in One Weekend

In today’s column, Kirkland’s already churning restructuring department got more work as two major retailers filed for bankruptcy; EY Law‘s new survey of legal departments finds most are not using legal services providers for the bulk of their legal needs; and several law firms have made life sciences hires recently in anticipation of Covid-19-related work.

Quinn Emanuel’s $185 Million Fee Is Either a Bargain or Rip-Off

A request by Quinn Emanuel to receive $185 million in fees for a case that required relatively few hours but achieved a huge reward highlights a fundamental argument about whether lawyers should be compensated based on the amount of time they work or the value they bring to a case.

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Coronavirus Is Taking Its Toll On Big Law

The economic fallout of the Covid-19 crisis has reached America's top grossing law firms. In this video, legal industry experts assess the impact on Big Law and what might happen if the crisis lingers.

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