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California Fairgrounds Could be Used to Vet Prospective Jurors

Questioning potential jurors at county fairgrounds or concert venues, fewer lawyers, and more hand sanitizer for security staff are among suggestions California courts may consider as the state reopens 58 trial courts closed for months due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Baylor Must Produce Pepper Hamilton Papers in Sex Assault Suit

Baylor University must turn over a trove of documents and recordings prepared by Pepper Hamilton LLP in the course of the firm’s independent investigation into the school’s handling of sexual assault allegations, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas ruled.

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Long, Uncertain Season Lies Ahead for Big Law Summer Associates

Summer associate programs typically serve as law students’ first introductions to life in Big Law, providing work experience coupled with lavish cocktail parties, trips to baseball games, and dinners at expensive restaurants. But this summer will be different.

Coronavirus Is Taking Its Toll On Big Law

The economic fallout of the Covid-19 crisis has reached America's top grossing law firms. In this video, legal industry experts assess the impact on Big Law and what might happen if the crisis lingers.

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