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Yellowstone Bison Plan Dispute Needs New Judge, 9th Cir. Told

A Yellowstone National Park bison management plan shouldn’t have remained in place pending the government’s review, and the case should be reassigned due to the judge’s “biased comments,” an environmental group told the Ninth Circuit on Friday.

Ex-Law Firm Partner with Parkinson’s Disease Loses Benefits Suit

A former law firm partner with Parkinson’s disease lost her lawsuit seeking long-term disability benefits and premium-free life insurance coverage from Hartford Life & Accident Insurance Co., according to a ruling by a federal judge in the Northern District of Alabama.

Mail-Order Drug Dispute Could Clarify Obamacare Bias Protections

The U.S. Supreme Court should review a decision that clears the way for people with disabilities to sue drug benefit plan administrators for bias based on how their plans operate, partly because it may limit discretion in how plans are structured, trade groups are saying.

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In the wake of lawyer cat, judges from across the country share advice lawyers must know to ace their virtual court appearances.

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