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Xi Jinping’s Capitalist Smackdown Sparks a $1 Trillion Reckoning

From exhausted couriers in the gig economy, to stressed parents struggling with ever-rising housing prices and tuition fees, to small businesses battling tech monopolies, Xi is swinging the cudgel of state power in support of the squeezed middle class. These challenges aren’t unique to China, but the policy response has been.

Illinois Hospital Sues To Block Merger Between Competitors

Marion HealthCare LLC is asking an Illinois federal court to stop Southern Illinois Hospital Services from acquiring Harrisburg Medical Center Inc., alleging the deal would lead to reduced competition in an already concentrated market.

China Presses on With Crackdown on Tech Data and Overseas IPOs

Beijing pressed ahead with moves to assert greater control over technology companies, continuing a campaign that’s roiled financial markets and prompted Washington to suspend public offerings by Chinese companies on U.S. exchanges until risks are better disclosed.

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