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Milken Bankers Ponder Fist-Bumps or Handshakes: Bloomberg Deals

Welcome to the Bloomberg Deals newsletter. Today have we some BREAKING NEWS for you — PayPal’s talks to buy Pinterest, a potential $45 billion deal that could tip global M&A volumes this year to a record. We’re also reporting live from the Milken conference in Beverly Hills.

UnitedHealth Enters Antitrust Fray Over Gilead’s HIV Drugs (1)

A UnitedHealth Group Inc. unit joined the legal dispute over Truvada and other blockbuster HIV drugs made by Gilead Sciences Inc., filing federal antitrust claims in Minneapolis over Gilead’s alleged scheme to corner the market by delaying the rollout of generic versions.

Marriott Loses Emergency Bid to Delay Ad Keyword Antitrust Trial

Marriott International Inc. lost its bid to delay an antitrust trial set to start Oct. 25 over its alleged role in an industrywide scheme to rig online advertising auctions, when a federal judge in Texas ruled Wednesday that its concerns about a magistrate’s decision were “unfounded.”

‘Pharma Bro’ Shkreli Loses Bid to Delay Trial Over Drug Markup

Incarcerated former pharma executive Martin Shkreli failed to delay an antitrust trial over his role in Vyera Pharmaceuticals’ 4,000% mark-up of an anti-parasitic drug, after a federal judge said the trial wouldn’t interfere with his participation in a drug rehabilitation program.

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