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ANALYSIS: In Search of an End Zone for Privacy Compliance

As regulatory goalposts continue to shift in Sacramento, legislators in other states are vying to position themselves on the consumer privacy playing field. But each proposal has its own sets of rules and objectives. Amid the potential for conflict, one thing is certain: There’s little opportunity to call for a timeout.

ANALYSIS: 2019 Was Back to Normal for MDLs After 2018 Boom

Every year, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict LItigation creates and assigns MDL actions, in which cases filed anywhere in the country with the same underlying facts and claims are consolidated for proceedings before one judge for efficiency. MDL initiation jumped by almost 50% during 2018, but 2019’s statistics make 2018 look like an anomaly, rather than the beginning of a trend.

ANALYSIS: “Factor” in Coronavirus Risks in Company Disclosures

the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down nearly three percent based largely on concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus. Stock prices will likely rebound, but the market stumble demonstrates the potential impact of the outbreak on global financial performance—more than 250 companies have included discussions of the coronavirus in their Form 10-K risk factors.

ANALYSIS: Coronavirus Shuts Down Contracts, Too

At what point does the coronavirus health crisis get you out of a contract? Short answer: when the epidemic interrupts delivery of services or products. Ripple effects from the widespread illnesses may also interfere with legal obligations. A market or supply chain may fail as a result of a series of disruptions, or a government may impose quarantines or impose public health regulations or other rules that make it impossible for parties to follow through with their commercial obligations.

ANALYSIS: House Greenlights Bipartisan Bills on Insider Trading

In recent weeks, two bills aimed at curbing the misuse of nonpublic information sailed through the House of Representatives, and could succeed in the Senate where other bills have foundered. The Insider Trading Prohibition Act (H.R. 2534) could bring much-needed clarity to the definition of the impermissible use of material nonpublic information, while the 8-K Trading Gap Act (H.R. 4335) would likely result in tinkering around the edges rather than causing significant changes in corporate practice.

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