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ANALYSIS: Could Omicron Bring More M&A Deal Terminations?

Given what we’ve seen in response to the declaration of the pandemic in March 2020 and the WHO’s designation of the delta variant as a variant of concern in May 2021, it’s conceivable that, in the next few months, we could see somewhat elevated M&A deal termination counts.

ANALYSIS: Covid EEO Retaliation May Land Employers in Hot Water

As employers face an increasing number of retaliation claims, the EEOC has released additional guidance on retaliation related to Covid-19. This places extra emphasis on employers, who should take active steps to address any potential instances of retaliation at the workplace.

ANALYSIS: Stablecoin Regulation Faces Long Road to Adoption

A new Biden administration report on stabeloins wants to address the growing risks created by the digital asset class. The report recommends that Congress create a comprehensive federal regulatory regime for stablecoins and related activities. But I foresee a lot of work ahead before any of its recommendations may appear in legislation.

ANALYSIS: Three Practice Pointers for New Bankruptcy Associates

Starting practice as a bankruptcy associate handling Chapter 11 cases can be both fascinating and overwhelming. To assist attorneys new to the world of bankruptcy, Bloomberg Law recently released a Bankruptcy Fundamentals Toolkit. Here are a few tips for starting your career as a commercial bankruptcy attorney.

ANALYSIS: DOJ Suit to Block Penguin Deal Looks for Harm Upstream

The Justice Department’s lawsuit to block the proposed Penguin Random House–Simon & Schuster merger is getting attention as a harbinger of a new approach to merger control. But cases alleging that a monopsony is squeezing the lifeblood out of small, upstream producers are everywhere—if you look a little more closely.

ANALYSIS: Satisfied Lawyers Bill More But Work—and Stress—Less

Bloomberg Law’s latest Attorney Workload and Hours Survey found that 49% of attorneys are satisfied in their jobs. Results revealed that satisfied attorneys are working less while billing more. But factors such as burnout, well-being, and self-care appear to play a role in attorney job satisfaction as well.

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