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ANALYSIS: 3M Displays Trademark Creativity in N95 Gouging Bouts

The 3M Company successfully obtained injunctive relief in trademark disputes involving alleged price gouging schemes against those claiming to sell 3M N95 respirator products. By doing so, 3M demonstrated how to use trademark law to combat conduct not typically regarded as a trademark law violation.

ANALYSIS: BitMEX Failures Reinforce Crypto AML Requirements

DOJ and CFTC actions against BitMEX in October are the federal government’s latest warning to the crypto sector that brazen flouting of AML laws and regulations will have dire consequences. They demonstrate that U.S. government support for financial innovation and ingenuity will never eclipse its imperative to ensure compliance with AML requirements.

ANALYSIS: Rare Monopsony Jury Trial Could Inform Antitrust Cases

Individual farmers who grow broiler chickens for Tyson Chicken Inc. are likely headed to trial on an allegation that Tyson leveraged its monopsony power as a “chicken integrator” to treat them unfairly. Their case under the Packers and Stockyards Act will be of interest to antitrust lawyers: monopsony trials are rare, and policy makers are debating the impacts of monopsony on competition in tech and labor markets.

ANALYSIS: Survey Responses Show Demand for More, Better ESG Info

Bloomberg Law’s ESG 2020 Survey is taking responses. Initial results indicate respondents agree that ESG reporting is a critical element to organizational success, but many companies aren’t doing enough to actively and accurately disclose their ESG performance. What are your thoughts? Take the survey now!

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