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ANALYSIS: In FTX Case, Transparency and Privacy Play Tug-of-War

If Tuesday’s FTX hearing in bankruptcy court is any indication, one of the biggest legal battles to be fought in the wake of the crypto exchange’s collapse will be waged between competing concerns for transparency and privacy. Undoubtedly, this will be a hotly contested issue in the coming months.

ANALYSIS: Ticketmaster, TSwift, and Antitrust’s Role in Markets

The Taylor Swift ticketing fiasco points a spotlight on growing problems in the primary and secondary event ticketing markets. If consumers are clearly paying higher prices, suffering terrible market dynamics, and deeply angry about how these markets function, does antitrust law provide a solution?

ANALYSIS: Narrowing of Noncompetes Spreads to Business Deals

A new court ruling asserts that even in a sale-of-business transaction, noncompetes and nonsolicitiation agreements must be narrowly drawn, reasonable in geographic scope and duration, and designed to protect a legitimate business interest. Does this portend stricter scrutiny of restrictive covenants in business transactions?

ANALYSIS: Three Tips for Climate Disclosures Ahead of SEC Rule

Change is looming for public company climate disclosures, and companies should bear the SEC’s proposed rule in mind while drafting their FY2022 10-Ks. To get ready for the change and make that first move toward compliance, companies may want to take three steps to get ahead of the curve.

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