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ANALYSIS: New Enforcement Framework Clarifies DOJ Crypto Policy

A new report from the Attorney General’s Cyber-Digital Task Force should be welcome news to cryptocurrency businesses looking for clarity about the DOJ’s views on digital currencies. The Enforcement Framework limits the DOJ’s enforcement activity to illicit uses, in order to minimize its restraint on development of legal uses.

ANALYSIS: Top Three Workout Strategies for Resolving Defaults

Three out-of-court solutions have been favored by the majority of lenders this year to address defaulted debts, according to Bloomberg Law survey data. But forbearances aren’t the top choice. The strategy most reported by lenders is utilizing more permanent loan modifications or amendments to address delinquencies.

ANALYSIS: Uber Suit Highlights Limits of Voter Coercion Laws

Uber drivers are claiming that the company unlawfully pressured them to show support for California’s Proposition 22, according to a lawsuit filed Oct. 22. If the lawsuit is successful, it will represent a rare instance of state voter coercion law limiting how a business influences, persuades, or lobbies its workforce.

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