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ANALYSIS: Formalizing MDTs Is a Big-Law Move That All Should Try

Large law firms are using more formalized multidisciplinary teams for work across multiple projects, but this is not the case across the legal industry. To remain competitive, all law firms should consider using more formalized multidisciplinary teams across multiple projects and rely less on ad hoc and project specific teams.

ANALYSIS: Beyond GameStop—10 Takeaways From Gensler’s Testimony

In testimony Thursday before the House Financial Services Committee, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler signaled that he is prepared to change existing rules to better adapt to the challenges of today’s market environment. Here are 10 issues raised during the hearing, along with predictions about the Commission’s next steps and ultimate regulatory response.

ANALYSIS: There’s No Well-Being Without Inclusivity

A well-being program has to be more than fun distractions; the solution to removing obstacles in the quest for well-being can’t include choices that lower the barriers for some people while simultaneously reinforcing barriers for others.

ANALYSIS: What If Half the SPACs Don’t De-SPAC?

Headlines about a bursting—or already-burst—SPAC market bubble abound. But even if half of SPACs fail to make it to the finish line by merging with a private company, the M&A market can still reasonably count at least a couple hundred “de-SPAC” deals in the pipeline.

ANALYSIS: Wishes for Well-Being Don’t Go as Far as Actions

Whatever tack an organization takes in its communications with employees, customers, business partners, communities, and other stakeholders, it’s crucial to remember that even the most benign-sounding of communications can have an impact—an impact that may hit squarely upon the well-being of the audience.

ANALYSIS: Lawyers, For Well-Being, Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

During this Well-Being Week in Law, we encourage you to think about how vacation time—when you truly disconnect—can help you refresh and return energized, ready to re-engage. Think it can’t be done? If you plan ahead, you can ensure your time away is uninterrupted and successful.

ANALYSIS: Moving to the Cloud? Know Who’s Got Your Backup.

As more businesses realize the savings that can come with cloud migration, standard terms of major providers suggest the need to keep an array of backup options handy. Companies that rely entirely on a single vendor may be surprised to learn that their contract does not promise all that much.

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