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ANALYSIS: As Zoom Slowed, Silicon Valley Cyber Firms Grew Faster

2022’s Fenwick–Bloomberg Law SV 150 List confirms that the phenomenal growth of cybersecurity companies in 2020 was about more than a pandemic-driven pivot to remote work. Throughout 2021, as workers returned to the office—and videoconferencing king Zoom’s meteoric ascent stalled—Silicon Valley cybersecurity firms grew even faster.

ANALYSIS: Silicon Valley M&A, Investments Climbed Higher in 2021

Last year was another stellar year for mergers and acquisitions and investment activity in Silicon Valley. Google still reigns as top buyer, and software is still the top destination for Silicon Valley firms’ dollars. But will the market let this year finish strong?

ANALYSIS: Fair Price Wins the Day for Musk in SolarCity Case

The recent Delaware Chancery Court opinion in the Tesla/SolarCity case provides an interesting twist to the entire fairness standard. The court’s analysis didn’t examine whether the target company shareholders received a fair price for their shares but instead whether the buyer received proper value for the price paid.

ANALYSIS: EPFI Projects Prompt Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Issues

This proxy season has brought two shareholder proposals requesting that Citigroup and Wells Fargo produce reports on how their financing projects impact Indigenous peoples’ rights. And although their proposals did not pass, shareholders looking to broaden the scope of the Equator Principles with Indigenous peoples in mind are gaining traction.

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