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ANALYSIS: July Jobs Report Shows Workers Left Legal Occupations

July’s unemployment figures show a decline in the jobless rate for legal occupations. But this improvement also came with a loss in legal occupations employment. The combination means that workers in July left the labor force, creating an artificially rosy view of unemployment in the legal sector.

ANALYSIS: SPAC Deal Terms & IPO Market Are Changing Fast

The red-hot SPAC market has been making deal terms easier for SPAC sponsors—and life harder for the traditional IPO market. Bloomberg Law’s review of SPAC documents has found that terms that were standard equipment for SPACs only months ago, such as a unit price of $10 and units consisting of both common shares and warrants, now are optional.

ANALYSIS: EU Drug Pricing Settlement Shows Promising Approach

The European Union is concluding its first investigation into excessive pharmaceuticals pricing. But despite building up a case against Aspen Pharmaceuticals since May 2017, the EU has opted against an adverse finding and a fine in favor of accepting “commitments” from Aspen to change its practices. Given uncertainty in EU excessive pricing law, this might have been the best outcome.

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Bloomberg Law Analysts talk about trends they see in corporate transactions.

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