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ANALYSIS: Classes Future Restructuring Lawyers Should Consider

So you’ve just finished your summer associate program and received an offer to work with the firm’s bankruptcy and restructuring team. You might be wondering what law school classes you should take in your final year of law school to help you prepare. Here are some classes to consider.

ANALYSIS: Contracts, Product Counseling Top Tech Lawyer Tasks

In Bloomberg Law’s first-ever State of Practice Survey, we asked attorneys what practicing tech law looks like in 2022. For most respondents, it involves contracts, product counseling, and a whole lot of data privacy—not to mention some common pain points.

ANALYSIS: Should the Bar Be Reconsidered? Lawyers Weigh In (1)

Last week, thousands of law school graduates across the country took the bar exam. The current format of the exam has spurred controversial discussions in recent years, and Bloomberg Law’s State of Practice survey sought to gain a better understanding of where attorney respondents stand on the issue.

ANALYSIS: PBC Shareholder Proposals Lack Support—Here’s Why

Shareholder efforts to convert public companies into public benefit companies haven’t gained much traction in the past two years, despite ESG pushes for corporations to consider stakeholder interests (in addition to those of shareholders) in decision-making.

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