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ANALYSIS: Health Law Firms Think Outside the Box for Recruitment

Law firms are struggling to find talent with sufficient experience to meet their staffing needs, and health law firms are no exception. A look at recent job postings suggests that health law firms are doing what it takes to improve recruitment, but they may still need to address overall staff retention.

ANALYSIS: Legal Departments Are in the Dark on Legal Ops Value

Legal operations impact every part of a corporate legal department or law firm. Despite this, Bloomberg Law survey data show that nearly half of legal departments do not measure the overall value of their legal operations. Explore the implications of this and what legal departments do to solve this problem.

ANALYSIS: Legal Diversity Initiatives Need Metrics to Measure Up

A Bloomberg Law survey found that 71% of lawyers say that their law firms and legal organizations have initiatives in place to increase diversity, but only 57% report having metrics in place to track employee diversity—and nearly one-third have no plans to put these metrics in place.

ANALYSIS: Stealth Conn. Privacy Bill Nearly Slipped Past Radar

Connecticut’s Consumer Data Privacy Act, which closely resembles the law recently enacted in Virginia, was buried within an 837-page omnibus spending bill heading to the governor’s desk until a last-minute amendment struck it. Colorado remains next up to join the club of states with a comprehensive privacy law.

ANALYSIS: Survey Shows High Hopes, Restored Pay at Law Firms

Despite all the uncertainty of last year, attorneys believe their law firms are equipped to roll with the punches through the rest of 2021. The Law Firm Benchmarks Survey found that 82% of law firm lawyers are confident that their firm can achieve its financial goals this year.

ANALYSIS: Amid Bitcoin Ransoms, Congress Lags Behind Regulators

Many believe that regulators have moved too slowly to address the problem of criminal use of cryptocurrencies. However, the real problems ultimately reside in gaps that exist in the laws that regulators and law enforcement are attempting to interpret and enforce, and Congress is responsible for addressing them.

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