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ANALYSIS: How Frequent Are Mega Mega M&A Deals?

The year has just begun and it has already made an important mark on M&A. 2022 brings to an end the longest span of time between announcements of a mega mega deal—valued at $50 billion or higher—in the past decade.

ANALYSIS: Non-Lawyers Are Finding More Inroads to Legal Services

Elevate has been approved as the first non-lawyer-owned company to provide legal services in affiliation with a law firm, as part of the recent trend allowing the provision of legal services and law firm ownership by non-lawyers that is likely to bring unprecedented reform to the legal landscape.

ANALYSIS: Three Skills Bankruptcy Associates Need to Stand Out

Attorneys new to commercial bankruptcy practice often focus on mastering the substantive and procedural rules of Chapter 11. However, new bankruptcy attorneys should also develop skills in accounting and finance, project management, and oral advocacy as they start their careers.

ANALYSIS: ‘Striketober'-Fueled Q4 Capped Huge Year for Walkouts

Set off by a spate of high-profile October walkouts, the fourth quarter of 2021 finished as the busiest quarter on U.S. picket lines in more than a decade. Although “Striketober” is over, Bloomberg Law data show that unions aren’t just recovering their pre-pandemic strength—they’re surpassing it.

ANALYSIS: Why Patent Litigation Is a Natural Fit for Financing

2022 will likely see both an increase and a diversification in patent funding investment, based on results from a recent Bloomberg Law survey. The risk-reward characteristics of patent cases and the increased opporutnities for patent owners to monetize their assets will fuel this growth.

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