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ANALYSIS: Crypto Basics and Myth-Busting for Lawyers (Podcast)

Bloomberg Law senior data analytics manager Tom Shen and senior legal analyst Robert Kim explain the mechanics of cryptocurrencies and how they intersect with regulators and traditional banking. Shen discusses how blockchain technologies are streamlining banking processes and explains why stablecoins aren’t necessarily stable.

ANALYSIS: Will Privacy Shield Withstand Schrems’ Second Strike?

The European Commission recently released its highly anticipated Third Annual Report on the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield. Unlike prior reports, however, the Commission did not confirm that the U.S. continues to ensure an adequate level of protection for personal data transferred under the Privacy Shield Framework. That omission is highly significant for companies that currently rely on the Privacy Shield; it signals the need to explore other data transfer mechanisms should the Privacy Shield fall.

ANALYSIS: Trump’s Smart Sanctions Failure

“Smart sanctions” is a mostly forgotten term from the 1990s. President Trump appears to have unwittingly embraced the concept, as illustrated by his failed attempt in October to deter Turkey’s military incursion in Syria via a Twitter threat of sanctions.

ANALYSIS: Litigation Funding Matures and Hits Big Law (Podcast)

Businesses are increasingly turning to litigation finance to fund commercial lawsuits. The practice transfers risk to third parties and moves high legal fees off a company’s balance sheet. Charles Agee, founder and managing partner of Westfleet Advisors, discusses the maturing litigation finance industry. Agee estimates that more than half of Am Law 200 firms have had clients use commercial litigation finance.

ANALYSIS: What’s Next in Cannabis Law?

Deregulation has created a substantial and profitable U.S. cannabis industry. But while now a multi-billion dollar industry, and more or less legal in 48 states, cannabis is still not just another agricultural product.

ANALYSIS: Privacy Vibes Ripple Across Pond, Alter U.S. Playbook

The European concept of data protection as a fundamental right is certainly gaining traction in the United States. Fueled by highly publicized data breaches, abuses, and consumer complaints, the proposals—and in a few cases, enactments—from legislators have taken on a decidedly European flavor.

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Corporate Transactions: Leading the Strategy

Bloomberg Law Analysts talk about trends they see in corporate transactions.

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Litigation Funding Matures and Hits Big Law