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ANALYSIS: Only Plausible #MeToo Claims Keep Case In Court

Two recent SDNY cases alleging sexual harassment make clear that a new federal law on arbitration clauses will keep the entire case in court, even if only some of the claims are sexual harassment claims. But the new law requires those harassment claims to be plausibly pled, the court said.

ANALYSIS: Three Takeaways from McDonald’s Toxic Culture Debacle

In 2018, McDonald’s Corp. faced a crisis in governance after allegations of a widespread culture of sexual harassment and employee misconduct surfaced. McDonald’s implemented several initiatives to remedy its workplace culture. But two significant developments in January—one judicial and one regulatory—show that repercussions from the matter are still ongoing.

ANALYSIS: Union Workers Haven’t Seen Raises Like This in Decades

Union contracts ratified in 2022 gave workers their highest average pay raise in more than 30 years, a Bloomberg Law data analysis shows. It’s a phenomenon that covers the whole of the US labor market—and 2023 is shaping up to be even more lucrative for union workers.

ANALYSIS: How Evaluating Legal Tech Boosts In-House Efficiency

In-house legal departments have improved the use of metrics to measure the worth of their legal technology. But when efficiency is at the top of legal departments’ goals, using a formal process to evaluate legal tech tools can give corporate lawyers an edge that mere metrics can’t.

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