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ANALYSIS: Reasonableness Requirements in M&A Covid-19 Provisions

A new type of defined term related to the pandemic is becoming increasingly prevalent in publicly filed mergers and acquisitions agreements. The overwhelming majority of these newly popular terms, “COVID-19 Actions” and “COVID-19 Responses”, impose a reasonableness requirement on actions taken in response to the pandemic.

ANALYSIS: The Long and Winding Road to Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

Municipal bond defaults are on the rise. But that does not necessarily mean that a surge in municipal bankruptcies is right around the corner. A municipality must travel a long and winding road before filing a Chapter 9 case, if it can file one at all.

ANALYSIS: Two Years Later, Are Public Unions Outlasting Janus?

For the Supreme Court’s Janus ruling to live up to right-to-work groups’ expectations, the number of public-sector workers who are represented by, but not members of, unions should be getting larger at the expense of union membership. Do the latest BLS figures bear that out?

ANALYSIS: ‘Got Vax?’ How Queries to Workers Raise ADA Bias Risks

The slow rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine is prompting some to ask questions about how and why others qualify for the vaccine. The questions are always uncomfortable, but when they come from an employer or workers, there can be legal implications. Here’s a look at who can ask what at work.

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