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How the Child Care Crisis Became a Global Economic Fiasco

The numbers are crushing: By the end of April last year, less than half of the women in Brazil were employed, the lowest level in 30 years. In Australia, around the same time, nearly a tenth of women exited the workforce, while in Japan, women lost jobs at nearly twice the rate of men. In March, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris deemed the exodus a “national emergency,” with 3.5 million mothers of school-aged children in the country having left their jobs between March and April 2020.

Officers’ Immunity Reversed in Rights Suit Over Handcuffing

Two Des Moines, Iowa, police officers aren’t entitled to qualified immunity for keeping a resident handcuffed for about five minutes after they frisked him and concluded he presented no safety concern, the Eighth Circuit ruled Tuesday in a civil rights suit.

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How Marijuana Is Both Legal and Illegal in the U.S.

How do states legally get around the federal ban on cannabis, and what unique legal challenges do attorneys and businesses in the marijuana industry face?

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