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AI Imitating Artist ‘Style’ Drives Call to Rethink Copyright Law

The rise of generative artificial intelligence models that can create graphic, textual, or even audio outputs at a user’s request led lawmakers this month to ask whether an artist’s style can be protected as intellectual property. The answer, for now, appears to be no.

Apple’s iPhone Maker Expects to More Than Double AI Server Sales

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. expects to at least double revenue in the second half from the sale of servers intended for training and hosting AI services, joining the growing ranks of hardware suppliers riding growing global interest in artificial intelligence.

AI Leaders Warn of ‘Risk of Extinction’ From the Technology

Chief executive officers of some of the leading companies in artificial intelligence, including Alphabet Inc.’s DeepMind, OpenAI and Anthropic, joined a growing chorus of leaders warning about the existential harms of the fast-developing technology.

Generative AI Debate Braces for Post-Warhol Fair Use Impact

The US Supreme Court’s recent guidance on how courts must evaluate copyright law’s fair use doctrine will have major implications on the debate over generative artificial intelligence models that are trained on billions of images, texts, and other copyrighted works.