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The Treasuries Tsunami Is No Deathtrap for Banks: Paul J. Davies

With the US debt ceiling standoff defused, the Treasury can start borrowing big money again. The government is forecast to issue up to $1 trillion of debt this year in short-term bills, sucking cash out of the US financial system. This has some bank analysts and market strategists fretting about the dangers to financial stability and the valuation of stocks or other risky assets.

PGA Tour U-Turn Casts Monahan as Beleaguered Managing Partner

In an analogy comparing Big Law mergers to the PGA Tour’s proposed tie-up with the Saudis, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan is cast in the role of a managing partner selling an unpopular deal to a deeply divided group, and he’s lost the most important currency for a leader of a partner-run organization: Trust.