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ESG Gets Tax Teeth With EU’s Corporate Sustainability Directive

Recent EU actions such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive may soon expose US and other non-EU multinational corporations to a novel type of tax reporting. Businesses will need to set up new processes and procedures to meet these challenges, say Will Morris, Andy Wiggins, and Matt Timmons of PwC.

Gold and Coal Found in Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax Guidance

New guidance addressing the corporate alternative minimum tax suggests that Treasury will build out an extensive and complicated CAMT regime. Whether taxpayers and the IRS will be able to handle this complexity is an open question, says Monisha Santamaria of KPMG in Washington, D.C.

When OECD’s Transfer Pricing Reform Can Help—And When it Can’t

The OECD’s consultation document, known as Amount B, aims to simplify some transfer pricing rules, particularly for in-country baseline marketing and distribution activities. If revenue authorities could share more commonalities or be more flexible, it could help streamline the application of transactional net margin method benchmarking, says Deloitte Hong Kong’s Victor Zhang and Season Guo.


The EU’s BEFIT Initiative—and Why it Doesn’t Make Sense (Part 2)

In a two-part article, Oliver R. Hoor and Samantha Schmitz of ATOZ Tax Advisers outline the design options of the European Commission’s initiative for a new framework for corporate taxation. They argue that the initiative does not make sense, particularly in light of the comprehensive transformation of the international and European tax landscape following the OECD base erosion and profit shifting project.


Reject Crypto and Look to the Faroe Islands to Help the Unbanked

Forcing people to have bank accounts seems like a burden on those who can least afford it, but no less so than a crypto-based solution. A Scandinavian community shows how simplifying the tax code and streamlining the process could be more effective than turning the unbanked population over to crypto wolves.


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