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Intel Gags VLSI Expert in Multibillion-Dollar Chip Patent Trial

Intel Corp. succeeded in blocking swathes of testimony from VLSI Technology LLC’s technical expert in a Delaware federal court Monday, including opinions that underpinned VLSI’s multibillion-dollar patent infringement damages calculation and information on purported “litigation misconduct, corporate culture, and ethics.”

Fired Oil Company Manager Loses Sale Payout Over Felony Charge

WS Atkins Inc. will avoid paying $584,000 to a former employee for his ownership interest in an oil and gas engineering firm which the company bought, after a Texas appeals court ruled Tuesday that the worker forfeited his payment when he was fired for allegedly committing a felony.

1-800 Contacts Loses Infringement Suit Over Paid Search Results

The trademark infringement claim by 1-800 Contacts against a new entrant to the online contact lens business was dismissed by a federal district court in New York after it decided that Warby Parker’s website wasn’t likely to confuse sophisticated online contact lens buyers.

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Coronavirus and Force Majeure Clauses

Covid-19 has legal teams exploring whether to turn to a rarely tested section of their contracts: the force majeure, or act of god, clause.

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