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Apple Music Case Can Clarify Trademark ‘Tacking,’ Court Hints

The Federal Circuit’s chief judge signaled Monday that she’d like to use a trademark case involving Apple Inc.'s rights to use “Apple Music” in connection with live entertainment and its distribution as a catalyst to clarify the standard for when companies are able to extend their use of a mark back in time.

US Won’t Back 2022 Patent Waivers for Covid Tests and Treatments

The US won’t agree to waive intellectual-property protections for Covid-19 treatments and tests this year -- aligning with developed-nation peers and damaging prospects for a World Trade Organization accord aimed at boosting global access to life-saving medicines.

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Prince, Andy Warhol, and Fair Use at the Supreme Court

Did Andy Warhol violate copyright law when he used a photo of Prince as source material? We explore the case, and the key consideration of "transformative use" in this video.

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