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Williams Cos. ‘Unprecedented’ 5% Poison Pill Trigger Struck Down

The Williams Cos. board overreacted to threats posed by the Covid-19 pandemic when it adopted an anti-takeover “poison pill” triggered when any investor bloc reached a 5% ownership threshold, a Delaware judge ruled Friday, saying the “unprecedented” measure was “not proportional.”

Bloom Energy Must Open Books to Investor on Red Ink, Subsidies

Bloom Energy Corp. must turn over files to an investor weighing whether to sue over claims that the company underestimated its fuel cell servicing costs by $2.2 billion and downplayed greenhouse gas emissions that put it at risk of losing critical federal subsidies, a Delaware Chancery Court judge ruled.

Intel Gets Win in Patent Fight With Sanyo Over Chips in Lenovos

Intel Corp. scored a preliminary win Friday in a fight with Sanyo Electric Co. over patents at the center of a separate infringement case involving Lenovo laptops built with Intel wireless cards, when a Delaware judge tentatively ruled the cards were authorized by a license from Sanyo.

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