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Corrections Officer Loses Bid to Appeal Inmate Retaliation Case

A Federal Bureau of Prisons captain accused of retaliating against a prisoner who reported an assault must wait until the conclusion of the inmate’s civil rights case to appeal a decision advancing it toward trial, a federal appeals court in Cincinnati ruled, confronting an issue of first impression.

Tom Barrack to Appear in California Court for Bail Hearing (2)

Colony Capital founder and Trump ally Thomas J. Barrack Jr. is scheduled to appear before a federal judge in Los Angeles Friday to learn whether he will be released on bail, after his arrest this week on charges of illegally lobbying on behalf of the United Arab Emirates.

Trump Probe Prosecutor Made His Name Defending Wall Street Banks

Carey Dunne spent decades at the top of the New York legal profession, making millions defending Wall Street banks and global corporations. But the 63-year-old had to leave his elite law firm to find the biggest case of his career -- investigating Donald Trump and his company.

Connecticut Man Charged in $2.75 Million Hotel Renovation Fraud

The Securities and Exchange Commission accused a Connecticut man of using an online crowdfunding platform to fraudulently raise more than $2.75 million from 70 investors who thought they were investing in securities related to a hotel renovation project.

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Qualified Immunity: Origins of a Police Liability Shield

The legal doctrine of qualified immunity shields public officials from civil liability. It was created by the U.S. Supreme Court and is in the spotlight with the national debate over police accountability.

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