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Former Police Officer Loses Appeal Over Conceal Carry ID Card

A retired police officer in Massachusetts failed Friday to convince the First Circuit that he had a federal claim that could revive his lawsuit brought over the denial of an identification card that would have allowed him to carry a concealed firearm across state lines.

Stabbed Prisoner Gets Civil Rights Claim Revived

A Wisconsin prisoner who was stabbed by his cellmate has valid civil rights claims against the corrections officers who repeatedly ignored his warnings, the Seventh Circuit ruled Friday, criticizing the judge who previously threw out the lawsuit.

Firearm’s Defaced Serial Number Doesn’t Warrant Longer Sentence

A convicted felon who was sentenced to 78 months imprisonment for being in possession of a firearm can have his sentence reduced, because the judge who heard his case wrongly determined that the firearm’s serial number had been altered, a split Sixth Circuit panel ruled Friday.

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