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Honeybee Deaths ‘Collateral Damage’ in Zika Control, Court Says

A South Carolina county defeated a honeybee seller’s claims it should be liable for “mounds of dead bees” that appeared after it applied pesticides to try and combat mosquitoes and the Zika virus, with the Fourth Circuit calling the bee deaths on Friday unforeseen “collateral damage.”

Atrium Medical Hernia Mesh Contamination Suit Cleared for Trial

Atrium Medical Corp. faces trial on a man’s claims that a non-sterile hernia mesh repair product caused a severe infection, and the company didn’t warn doctors about the possibility of contamination during manufacture, according to an Illinois federal court ruling.

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PFAS: The 'Forever Chemicals'

The EPA says more than 600 PFAS chemicals are in the marketplace in the U.S. While states are racing to regulate PFAS, while the federal government lags.

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