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Slow Vaccine Campaign Remains ‘Puzzle’ to Ex-Warp Speed Chief

The man tapped by the Trump administration to lead a Manhattan Project-style effort to drastically cut the time needed to develop a coronavirus vaccine said he has been troubled by the failure to get more shots into arms. “A vaccine is useless if it stays on a shelf,” Moncef Slaoui said.

CDC Says Vaccine Doses May Be Spaced Further as FDA Eases Stance

Follow-up doses of the Covid-19 vaccines could be given up to six weeks later if it’s not feasible to get them in the recommended interval, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration also offering some flexibility for “modest delays.”

First Amendment Allows False Ad Suit Against Ratings Publisher

Nutritional supplement maker Ariix LLC may pursue a false advertising suit against NutriSearch Corp., a guidebook publisher, over allegedly rigged ratings in favor of competitor Usana Health Sciences Inc. because Ariix sufficiently alleged the publication is commercial speech without full First Amendment protection, a divided panel of the Ninth Circuit ruled Friday.

Flavored Tobacco Ban Question Headed to 2022 California Ballot

Californians will vote next year on whether to uphold a statewide ban on sales of fruit, mint, and other flavored tobacco products after the law’s opponents successfully collected enough signatures to get a referendum on the ballot, state officials said Friday.

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Covid-19 Vaccine: Can Your Employer Make You Take It?

As the Covid-19 vaccines roll out, first to frontline workers and the elderly, then to the general public, employers are making plans to return to their offices. How quickly they succeed will likely depend on how many of their employees get vaccinated.

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