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Covid-Vaccinations Study Highlights How Shots Curb Spread (1)

Covid-19 infection and death rates in Israel -- the world’s most vaccinated country -- are falling roughly in line with the order in which various age groups gained eligibility to get their shots, according to a study showing the campaign’s impact.

Ascension, TowerBrook Face Challenge to R1 RCM Stock Restructure

Providence, R.I., filed suit in Delaware against Ascension Health Alliance and TowerBrook Capital Partners LP, claiming they’re using their control over R1 RCM Inc. to recapitalize the health care billing company on terms that accelerate their long-term benefits at the expense of public investors.

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Covid-19 Vaccine: Can Your Employer Make You Take It?

As the Covid-19 vaccines roll out, first to frontline workers and the elderly, then to the general public, employers are making plans to return to their offices. How quickly they succeed will likely depend on how many of their employees get vaccinated.

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