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PayPal Beats Claim by Sellers That User Agreement Favors Buyers

A group of California residents who use PayPal Inc. to receive payments for their online businesses failed to allege the platform’s user agreement is unfair to sellers and that its return and dispute resolution policies enables fraud by buyers, a state appellate court said Tuesday.

Intel Told to Pay $2.18 Billion After Losing Patent Trial (2)

Intel Corp. was told to pay VLSI Technology LLC $2.18 billion by a federal jury in Texas after losing a patent-infringement trial over technology related to chip-making, one of the largest patent-damages award in U.S. history. Intel pledged to appeal.

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‘I’m Not a Cat’ Takeaways: 5 Virtual Court Tips from Judges

In the wake of lawyer cat, judges from across the country share advice lawyers must know to ace their virtual court appearances.

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