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Work Visa Expansion Aims to Ease Border Surge, Summer Labor Woes

Both Democratic and Republican administrations have boosted the number of available H-2B visas to address critical labor shortages in seasonal industries. The Biden administration hopes expanding the program might help stem the surge of asylum seekers at the southern border. It’s unclear, though, if it will make a difference.

Bill Mandating Uber, Lyft Driver Pay Rates Vetoed in Minnesota

Lyft Inc. and Uber Technologies Inc. won’t have to follow state-mandated minimum driver pay or restrictions on how they deactivate drivers in Minnesota after Gov. Tim Walz vetoed rideshare legislation that the industry opposed.

AI-Threatened Jobs Are Mostly Held by Women, Study Shows

While artificial intelligence is seeding upheaval across the workforce, from screenwriters to financial advisors, the technology will disproportionately replace jobs typically held by women, according to human resources analytics firm Revelio Labs.

Fatal LyondellBasell Accident Spurs Call for New Valve Standards

LyondellBasell Industries NV and other chemical plant and oil refinery operators should make sure workers know how to safely remove pressure-retaining components from piping systems, a federal safety panel concluded after investigating the deaths of two workers in Texas.

Businesses, Workers Alike Cheer New FLSA Collective Action Test

A newly created standard for certifying wage-and-hour collective actions under the Fair Labor Standards Act is drawing praise from the Biden administration and the plaintiffs’ bar despite also scoring a win for businesses, signaling a potential compromise path forward.

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NLRB Official Tosses Petition to Oust Union at N.Y. Starbucks

A petition seeking to oust the union at a Starbucks Corp. cafe in Buffalo, N.Y., was dismissed Friday after a National Labor Relations Board official determined that labor charges against the company were sufficient to halt the decertification process.

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Seize, Not Just Freeze, Russian Assets? Why It’s Hard: QuickTake

Soon after Russia invaded Ukraine, the US and its allies froze an estimated $300 billion in Russian central bank assets that were being held in non-Russian financial institutions. Sanctions imposed on prominent Russian individuals have frozen an additional estimated $58 billion in assets, including homes, yachts and private aircraft.

Archegos Insurer Sues to Avoid Covering Costs of Firm’s Failure

An insurer for Bill Hwang and his Archegos Capital Management is suing to avoid paying any costs incurred by Archegos, Hwang and other senior executives of the investment firm from a separate suit by a former employee who claims the implosion of the family office cost him as much as $50 million.

ESG Explained: Socially Conscious Capitalism and Its Backlash

Republican state leaders have been pulling billions out of pension funds managed by investment firms like Black Rock. Why? Something called ESG. In this video, we explain what ESG is, why it’s become such a hot topic and what regulation — and litigation — we can expect in the near future.


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Case: Labor Relations/Discharge (N.Y.)

A secretary working for the town of Monroe, N.Y., can be fired at will, the New York Court of Appeals court ruled, overriding a union contract clause that protected workers from termination without just cause. Matter of Teamsters Loc. 445 v. Town of Monroe, 2023 BL 174911, N.Y., 40, 5/23/23

Case: Discrimination/Race Discrimination (S.D. Ill.)

An Illinois federal district court ruled that Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House, Inc. is entitled to summary judgment on a terminated Black vice president’s race discrimination claim under 42 U.S.C. § 1981. Wise v. Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House, Inc., 2023 BL 172749, S.D. Ill., 3:21-cv-01265-SPM, 5/19/23

Case: Disability Discrimination/Hiring (M.D. Fla.)

A Florida federal district court denied a motion for partial judgment on the pleadings on an affirmative defense to the EEOC’s claims that The Princess Martha and TMJ Properties, Inc. violated the ADA by failing to hire a veteran with PTSD. U.S. EEOC v. Princess Martha, LLC, 2023 BL 172435, M.D. Fla., 8:22-cv-2182-CEH-AAS, 5/19/23