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Anita Hill Cut Path to #MeToo as Barriers Persist 30 Years Later

Anita Hill said the legal concept of “sexual harassment” wasn’t widely understood, before she famously testified to an all-male Senate committee in 1991 that Clarence Thomas repeatedly made inappropriate comments and pressured her to date him while he was her boss.

Target’s Shipt Loses Bid to Arbitrate Worker Status Lawsuit

Target Corp.‘s grocery delivery platform Shipt Inc. cannot force a worker to arbitrate a lawsuit she filed on behalf of the state of California that alleges the company incorrectly classified employees as independent contractors, a state appellate court said Thursday.

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Covid-19 Vaccine: Can Your Employer Make You Take It?

As employers are making plans to return to their workplaces. How quickly they succeed will likely depend on how many of their employees get vaccinated.

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