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Equal Pay Act Promise Still Not ‘Fully Realized’ 60 Years Later

Six decades after the enactment of a landmark federal antidiscrimination bill, questions linger about how well the statute has fulfilled its original promise of equal pay for equal work.

Tesla, Schwab Penalized Under Colorado Job Ad Pay Disclosure Law

Tesla Inc. and Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. have received citations from Colorado’s labor department as more large companies emerge as targets under the state’s first-of-its-kind job ad salary disclosure law.

Offensive Music Ruling Guts ‘Equal Opportunity Harasser’ Theory

Employers will have to rethink their defenses to hostile work environment allegations now that a federal appeals court has held that sexually graphic and misogynistic music in the workplace can give rise to gender bias claims even if both male and female employees are affected.

NYC’s Financial Boss Denounces Politicization of ESG Investing

Politicized rhetoric against ESG is making it harder for investment managers to consider the financial risks posed by climate change, says the overseer of the nation’s biggest municipal pension fund.

Top Republican Pushes EEOC to Issue Pregnancy Accommodation Rule

The lead Republican sponsor of a recently passed law expanding workplace protections for pregnant employees is questioning why the EEOC hasn’t yet proposed any regulations to implement the changes.

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Case: Wage & Hour/Overtime (D. Ariz.)

An Arizona federal district court ruled that Matrix Absence Management Incorporated isn’t entitled to summary judgment on claims examiners’ failure to pay overtime claims under the FLSA. Weeks v. Matrix Absence Mgmt. Inc., 2023 BL 180368, D. Ariz., CV-20-00884-PHX-SPL, 5/24/23

Case: Discrimination/Discharge (M.D. Pa.)

A Pennsylvania federal district court denied Wilkes Barre Hospital’s motion to dismiss the age discrimination claim of a laid off 61-year-old performance improvement coordinator under the ADEA. Williams v. Wilkes Barre Hosp. Co., LLC, 2023 BL 180401, M.D. Pa., 3:22-1151, 5/24/23

Case: Wage & Hour/Overtime (N.D. Ga.)

A Georgia federal court denied Govinda’s Café’s motion to dismiss the claims of a chef alleging denial of regular and overtime pay in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.