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Unionized Construction Worker Advances State-Law Class OT Suit

A Pennsylvania construction company lost its bid to dismiss a unionized employee’s proposed class claims seeking unpaid overtime under state law and must now litigate the suit in state court, after a federal judge ruled federal preemption principles didn’t apply.

Ikea Workers Must Hire Counsel to Opt-in to Class Age Bias Suits

Allowing a group of Ikea employees to participate without an attorney in three lawsuits alleging discrimination against workers 40-and-over as a class would present manageability issues, and the group must retain class counsel or their own lawyers to remain plaintiffs, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania ruled.

Pennsylvania Worker Can Sue Employer for Medical Marijuana Bias

Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act provides a private cause of action to workers, allowing state-sanctioned, card-carrying medical pot patients to sue their employers for alleged discrimination based on their lawful use of the drug, a federal judge in Philadelphia ruled on an issue of first impression.

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Gig Economy Workers, App-Based Companies, and the Law

App-based companies and state governments are at odds over how to properly classify gig economy workers.

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