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Grubhub Delivery Drivers Must Arbitrate Overtime Complaints

Drivers for the online meal delivery marketplace Grubhub will arbitrate claims over failure to pay overtime after a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday their work didn’t constitute interstate commerce, and wasn’t exempt from the Federal Arbitration Act.

Chicago Teachers Union Mulls Strike Vote for Remote Learning (1)

The Chicago Teachers Union wants the country’s third-largest public school system to enact remote learning this fall, and union leaders may meet next week to consider a potential strike if the district moves forward with a hybrid reopening that includes in-person learning.

Intertek Sales Representative Drops Sex, Medical-Leave Bias Suit

A former Intertek Testing Services NA Inc. sales representative dropped her lawsuit alleging a new supervisor’s anti-female attitude and sexual comments and the isolation she experienced after returning from medical leave forced her to resign, Illinois federal court records show.

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Gig Economy Workers, App-Based Companies, and the Law

App-based companies and state governments are at odds over how to properly classify gig economy workers.

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