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Philadelphia Must Face Claims Officer Harassed for BLM Support

Philadelphia lost its bid to escape from a lawsuit brought by a Black former police officer because he adequately alleged that he faced a hostile work environment due to his race and his public support of the Black Lives Matter movement, a federal court in Pennsylvania said.

AT&T Beats Discrimination Appeal Over Conditional Layoff

AT&T Inc. defeated age and disability discrimination claims by a longtime employee with epilepsy and breast cancer when the Third Circuit ruled Friday that the employee’s selection for potential termination was part of a neutral reduction in force.

Puerto Rico Insurer Must Face Suit Over Pension Cuts, Shortfall

One of Puerto Rico’s largest insurers must face a lawsuit claiming it mismanaged a pension plan covering employees of a subsidiary that’s undergoing liquidation after taking steep losses in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, a federal judge ruled.

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Biden’s Vaccine Mandate and the Likely Legal Challenge

As we move closer to the release of President Biden's vaccine mandate rule, Bloomberg Law labor reporters Robert Iafolla and Fatima Hussein explain the mandate, the likely legal challenges, and what to expect next.

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