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Washington Justices Affirm Nurses’ Arbitration Win in Break Suit

A Seattle-area hospital waived its right to arbitrate its nurses’ meal and rest break class claims by waiting too long to invoke the process under their collective bargaining agreement and must continue to litigate in court, the full Washington Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

HIV Website Not Enough to Get School Worker Privacy, Bias Trial

A Louisiana school system doesn’t have to face trial on claims by a teacher’s aide that her privacy was violated and she was treated outrageously and discriminatorily when her name was found on a sexually transmitted disease registry, a federal judge ruled.

Tetra Tech Workers Sue Over Unpaid Wages, Reimbursements

Employees who performed post-disaster assessments and cleanup in California asked a federal district court to grant wages, compensation, and other relief that they say Tetra Tech Inc. and Jesco Environmental & Geotechnical Services Inc. owe for labor law violations.

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Gig Economy Workers, App-Based Companies, and the Law

App-based companies and state governments are at odds over how to properly classify gig economy workers.

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