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Biden-Like Health Plan Would Harm Employer Market, Analyst Says

A health plan similar to that proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden would lower costs for most Obamacare enrollees as well as more than 12 million workers. But it would also increase federal spending by $2.2 trillion over 10 years and could damage the employer-sponsored health insurance market.

Medical Practice, Doctor Owe $46 Million in Malpractice Damages

A Georgia medical practice is vicariously liable for malpractice by an employee who wasn’t a defendant in the lawsuit because state law requires only notice pleading, and the complaint put the practice on notice that the employee’s conduct was at issue, Georgia’s top court said.

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Coronavirus Is Changing the Way Lawyers Work

Lawyers from New York City to Seattle tell us how the coronavirus is impacting their work and how they are responding.

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