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EPA Dilutes Plan on Cancer-Causing Sterilizer After FDA Protest

The EPA has acquiesced to FDA protests by nixing a request to learn whether companies could use lower levels of ethylene oxide to sterilize medical equipment. The FDA says the EPA has authority only over releases of the cancer-causing chemical into the air, not over how much of it is used in sterilization plants.

EPA Waters Down Plan on Carcinogen Ethylene Oxide After FDA Push

The EPA watered down its request to find out more about how companies use ethylene oxide to sterilize medical equipment after the Food and Drug Administration claimed jurisdiction over the use of the cancer-causing chemical in medical sterilization plants.

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How China’s Mystery Illness Is and Isn’t Like SARS: QuickTake

A mysterious outbreak of pneumonia in central China has been linked to a new coronavirus -- a family of bugs responsible for diseases that range in severity from the common cold to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS But health officials say there are significant differences.

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