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New Prediction Market Lets Investors Bet Big on Almost Anything

The potential of prediction markets is well known to anyone who’s read James Surowiecki’s bestseller, The Wisdom of Crowds. Well-designed markets can help draw out knowledge contained within disparate groups, and research shows that when people have money on the line, they make better forecasts.

Apollo, Riverstone Win Appeal Over Talos Energy Investor Claims

Apollo Global Management Inc. and Riverstone Holdings LLC affiliates secured their exit from investor litigation over their stewardship of Talos Energy Inc., persuading Delaware’s top court to reject claims they plunged the offshore oil company into self-dealing transactions to earn windfalls for its backers.

Matt Levine’s Money Stuff: Elon Called Off His Margin Loan

Basically the point here is that Musk has more than enough Tesla stock to sell to pay for Twitter, but only barely enough to borrow against to pay for Twitter. So he has abandoned his initial plans to borrow against his Tesla stock, presumably — who knows? — to give him more flexibility to sell it.

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