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Matt Levine’s Money Stuff: Your Auditor Is Not Your Friend

The way that high-level professional services — investment banking, law, consulting, etc. — work is that a professional firm provides services to a client company, and the company pays the firm, but particular people at the firm pitch and work with particular people at the company, and the people at the company want to work with people they like and trust.

SEC’s Gensler Readies More Crypto Oversight to Protect Investors (1)

It’s become a parlor game in Washington, on Wall Street, and in Silicon Valley to figure out where U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Gary Gensler stands on cryptocurrencies. Industry lobbyists tune in when he testifies before Congress. Lawyers parse his speeches. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. wealth advisers recently boasted in a research report about looking for clues in 29 hours of the Blockchain and Money course he developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. That’s an arduous but perhaps not novel undertaking, since videos of the classes have garnered millions of views online, something that amazes even Gensler.

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