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Conference Reports: 41st Payroll Congress

The 41st Payroll Congress is being held from May 16 to 19 in Denver. The conference is hosted by PayrollOrg, formerly known as the American Payroll Association.

4 States at Risk of a Second FUTA Credit Reduction in 2023

Employers in California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, and the US Virgin Islands might pay higher payroll costs for 2023 because of a Federal Unemployment Tax Act credit reduction, according to a 2023 unemployment insurance solvency report from the US Labor Department.

NCAA Hit With NLRB Complaint Over Athletes’ Worker Status

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, Pac-12 Conference, and University of Southern California face federal allegations of violating labor law by failing to treat collegiate athletes as employees.

Call Center Beats Worker Suit Seeking Pay for Brief Boot-Up Time

Call center workers didn’t spend enough off-the-clock time booting up and shutting down their computers to recover pay, a district judge said.

Minnesota Law Creates Paid Family and Medical Leave Program

Minnesota is creating a statewide paid family-leave insurance program, under a bill Gov. Tim Walz (D) signed May 25.


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Patrick Haggerty
Patrick A. Haggerty, Tax and Accounting Services
Patrick Haggerty
Patrick A. Haggerty, Tax and Accounting Services

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Complexities of Canadian Cross-Border Payroll

Cross-border withholding obligations for American and Canadian employers hinges on the duration of an employee’s stay and their residency status in either country, said two consultants speaking to a group of employers at the 41st Payroll Congress.

Work Visa Expansion Aims to Ease Border Surge, Summer Labor Woes

Both Democratic and Republican administrations have boosted the number of available H-2B visas to address critical labor shortages in seasonal industries. The Biden administration hopes expanding the program might help stem the surge of asylum seekers at the southern border. It’s unclear, though, if it will make a difference.

Businesses, Workers Alike Cheer New FLSA Collective Action Test

A newly created standard for certifying wage-and-hour collective actions under the Fair Labor Standards Act is drawing praise from the Biden administration and the plaintiffs’ bar despite also scoring a win for businesses, signaling a potential compromise path forward.

Tax Developments

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Netherlands Gazettes Minimum Hourly Wage Introduction Act

The Dutch Official Gazette May 23 published Law No. 2023/168, introducing the statutory minimum hourly wages. The law includes measures setting: 1) hourly minimum wage for a 36-hour working week ...

United Arab Emirates MOF Posts Ministerial Decision on Taxation of Private Pension, Social Security Funds

The Emirati Ministry of Finance May 10 posted online Ministerial Decision No. 115/2023, on the taxation of private pension funds and private social security funds. The decision explains: 1) conditions ...

South Korea, Portugal Initial DTA

The South Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance May 22 announced the May 18 initialing of a DTA with Portugal. The agreement includes measures to: 1) incorporate the standards of ...