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Dentons Mum on Sudden CEO Ouster While Defending His ‘Success’

In 10 years as managing partner and then U.S. CEO of Dentons, Mike McNamara helped stitch together the self-described “world’s largest law firm” by clinching a merger after it was initially rejected and championing an expansion audaciously named “Project Golden Spike.”

Companies Urging Workers to Open Up About Mental Health

Construction companies in Northwest Ohio, increasingly worried about their employees’ mental health, are embracing “2 Tuff 2 Talk,” a suicide prevention program to help construction workers and their families navigate mental health issues and educate front-line supervisors in how to deal with those who may be having problems.

UnitedHealth Beats Breastfeeding Coverage Suit in Ninth Circuit

A group of mothers who sued UnitedHealth Group Inc. over its coverage of breastfeeding support services struck out in the Ninth Circuit, which on Thursday upheld the insurer’s denial of reimbursement and reversed an order granting partial class status.

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