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Judge Temporarily Halts Texas Restrictions on Migrant Transports

A federal judge temporarily blocked Texas state troopers from enforcing the governor’s order to stop anyone who isn’t in law enforcement from transporting migrants along the Texas border. The judge’s order, in effect until Aug. 13, also temporarily prevents troopers from pulling over and impounding any vehicle suspected of transporting migrants who might have Covid-19.

CDC Issues New Eviction Moratorium After Liberal Criticism (1)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended a ban evictions in areas of the country with substantial and high transmission of coronavirus on Tuesday, after a firestorm of criticism from Democrats following the lapse of a previous moratorium on Saturday.

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‘I’m Not a Cat’ Takeaways: 5 Virtual Court Tips from Judges

In the wake of lawyer cat, judges from across the country share advice lawyers must know to ace their virtual court appearances.

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