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ANALYSIS: DOJ Clears Big U.S. PPE Distributors to Cooperate

The Department of Justice said it will not challenge collaborative efforts by the five of the biggest U.S. medical distributors to source and distribute medical personal protective equipment. But what remains to be seen—and what regulators will have to consider—is whether concentrated markets will learn to coordinate more easily after the crisis has passed.

ANALYSIS: Observers Say Litigation Finance Poised for Hard Times

Funders, lawyers, and watchers of the litigation finance industry are seeing various indications of a growing industry. While the coronavirus pandemic will undoubtedly change the legal profession and surrounding industries, there seems to be consensus that litigation finance is fairly well inoculated against the looming economic downturn.

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Coronavirus Is Changing the Way Lawyers Work

Lawyers from New York City to Seattle tell us how the coronavirus is impacting their work and how they are responding.

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