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Bankruptcy Code Doesn’t Preclude Unfair Debt Collection Claims

A Southern California man who was served with a notice of default for a debt that was already paid will get another chance to pursue his Fair Debt Collection Practices Act claims against the law firm that sent him communications on behalf of his homeowners’ association, the Ninth Circuit ruled.

Forest Service Appeals Road Ruling in Bitterroot Timber Harvest

The U.S. Forest Service is challenging a court’s finding that it needs to conduct more environmental review before building roads as part of a proposed timber harvest in Montana’s Bitterroot National Forest, according to a notice filed in a federal court in the state.

Religion Advocates Boosted by Barrett-Supported Covid Ruling

The Supreme Court’s sharply-divided ruling blocking New York’s Covid-19 restrictions on in-person worship has bolstered the prospects of already-successful religious legal advocates while making their adversaries fear for their future at the high court.

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Why Nine Justices? Court Packing's History and Future

Since the country’s founding, presidents and congress have sought to shape the Supreme Court in their image.

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