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Google Contract Staff Launch Union Campaign Over Salaries, AI

A group of Alphabet Inc. contract workers are launching a unionization campaign, saying they need a greater voice at the company that has tasked them with work on its most high-profile products, including training generative AI answers in Google’s search engine and chatbot.

Microsoft Seeks to Assure Customers Its AI Tools Will Be Lawful

Microsoft Corp. will create a program to assure customers the artificial intelligence software they buy from the company will meet any future laws and regulations, looking to keep clients investing in AI tools ahead of whatever rules are passed governing the new technology.

PGA Tour U-Turn Casts Monahan as Beleaguered Managing Partner

In an analogy comparing Big Law mergers to the PGA Tour’s proposed tie-up with the Saudis, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan is cast in the role of a managing partner selling an unpopular deal to a deeply divided group, and he’s lost the most important currency for a leader of a partner-run organization: Trust.

Paralegals Race to Stay Relevant as AI Threatens Their Future

Nowhere in law might the anxiety over AI be more acute than among the 353,000 US paralegals and legal assistants. For all the errors and fake information that generative AI throws up, it’s undeniable that it can identify and categorize documents much faster than a paralegal, sometimes within seconds.


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