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California Bonds for $16 Billion Tunnel Targeted by Suit (1)

Environmental groups in California have filed a lawsuit contesting the approval of revenue bonds to build a massive $16 billion water tunnel under an ecologically sensitive estuary, saying the state hasn’t yet completed required impact reviews.

U.S. Sanctions Eight Companies Over Iran’s Petrochemical Sales

The Trump administration announced sanctions on eight companies involved in the sale of Iranian petrochemicals and said previous seizures of Iranian petroleum bound for Venezuela brought the U.S. $40 million that will be given to American victims of terrorism.

Delayed Industrial Flare Standards Updates Spur EPA Suit

The EPA’s failure to update two air pollution control standards for industrial flares is causing sites to release more pollutants and putting nearby communities at risk, environmental groups say in a lawsuit filed Thursday in a Washington, D.C. federal court.

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Coronavirus and Force Majeure Clauses

Covid-19 has legal teams exploring whether to turn to a rarely tested section of their contracts: the force majeure, or act of god, clause.

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