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Power Plant Rule Critics Aim at Its Core Technology Strategies

The Biden administration’s long-awaited power plant rule treads carefully over thorny legal precedent, but still faces challenges over whether its core technology strategy is feasible or cost prohibitive.

Debt Deal Pares Federal Role in Environmental Permitting Reviews

Permitting changes included in the deal to suspend the debt limit are drawing concern from environmentalists who say many projects would escape federal review under the proposal making its way through Congress.

Manchin Gets Mountain Valley Pipeline Deal Into Debt Bill

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin slipped into the debt-limit deal a measure meant to accelerate a multi-billion-dollar natural gas pipeline that’s been repeatedly stalled on environmental concerns, according to people familiar with the matter.

Texas Lawmakers Back New Power Plants to Boost Grid Reliability

Texas is on its way to bolstering gas power plants to augment the state’s independent electric grid.

Unforeseen Impact of Chemical Rules Revealed in Energy Near Miss

The US narrowly avoided a major disruption in its energy supply this year after a federal chemical rule’s impacts weren’t recognized during its development, highlighting a challenge the country faces as the EPA issues more and stronger chemical regulations.

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Lawyer’s AI Blunder Shows Perils of ChatGPT in ‘Early Days’

A lawyer’s citation of court decisions fabricated by ChatGPT shows the peril of relying on the artificial intelligence chatbot without proper safeguards. New York lawyers Steven Schwartz and Peter LoDuca face a June 8 hearing on potential sanctions after a court brief they submitted cited six nonexistent cases.

Vital Republican Becomes Vocal Champion of New Jersey Court Pick

A Republican legislator could have been a roadblock. Instead, Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s savvy pick for his latest state Supreme Court nominee turned a potential opponent into the nominee’s champion. Murphy selected the law firm partner of a senior GOP senator for the spot.

Merck’s Insurance Win After Malware Attack Sets Guideposts

Pasich’s Peter Halprin writes that a recent New Jersey appellate court opinion puts cyber and property insurers on notice that boilerplate war exclusions won’t bar coverage for cyberattacks, but insured companies should still brace for court challenges.

Firefighters Will Be Suing, Getting Sued Over PFAS

States Scramble on Water Rights Pact as Deadline Nears

An Energy Regulator Crossed Manchin, Now He's Gone

Fusion Is Promising, but Isn't a Near-Term Solution