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BP Contractor Beats Claim for Oil Spill Clean-Up Crew Injuries

A contractor hired to help clean up an oil spill beat BP’s demand for repayment of personal injury damages and settlements paid to the contractor’s employees because BP materially breached an indemnification agreement, the Fifth Circuit said Wednesday.

Pipeline Reliability Bill Divides Lawmakers, Biden Officials

Proposed federal reliability standards for energy pipelines would constitute a “sweeping power grab” that would further raise consumer energy prices, Republican lawmakers said Wednesday in opposing Democratic legislation endorsed by Biden energy officials.

ANALYSIS: Non-Lawyers Are Finding More Inroads to Legal Services

Elevate has been approved as the first non-lawyer-owned company to provide legal services in affiliation with a law firm, as part of the recent trend allowing the provision of legal services and law firm ownership by non-lawyers that is likely to bring unprecedented reform to the legal landscape.

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The Long Fight for Environmental Justice Continues

Environmental justice gained traction in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Forty years later, impacted communities still have limited legal options to combat negative environmental impacts.

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