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McDonald’s No-Poach Case Tests Reach of Modern Antitrust Law

Two former McDonald’s employees will ask the Seventh Circuit Friday to reinstate a lawsuit accusing the fast food chain of suppressing wages through a no-poach agreement among the company and its franchisees, in a case where the FTC has showed particular interest.

Multidistrict Litigation Rules Proposal Gets Chilly Reception

A proposed rule change for multidistrict litigation management has opened to weak reviews: Plaintiffs’ attorneys who oversee those cases said they don’t see a need for new management and organization rules, because judges already have tools to keep mass litigation in check, and others say the proposal doesn’t address real problems.

ESG Explained: Socially Conscious Capitalism and Its Backlash

Republican state leaders have been pulling billions out of pension funds managed by investment firms like Black Rock. Why? Something called ESG. In this video, we explain what ESG is, why it’s become such a hot topic and what regulation — and litigation — we can expect in the near future.

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