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EY Leaves Key Issues of Split Undecided as 2023 Vote Approaches

Ernst & Young’s leaders have yet to settle key issues essential to their planned break up of the $45 billion professional services firm. Details still in flux include how to divvy up tax partners between the advisory business and audit practice and perhaps the most basic question: Who will run the newly decoupled businesses?

Wedding Cake Lawyer Back to Supreme Court in New Same-Sex Case

Kristen Waggoner, the president, CEO, and general counsel of a Christian legal advocacy group, has gotten two favorable rulings from the US Supreme Court in cases she’s argued. On Monday, she’s headed back to the lectern and there’s a good chance she’ll win again.

Big Tech Bids to Move Texas Patent Cases Need Fuller Evidence

Defendants in patent-infringement lawsuits risk irking judges when they request a transfer to a different court but don’t provide a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of both the current and proposed venue—something at least one Big Tech company has gotten in trouble for recently.

The Billable Hour: Why Big Law Just Can't Quit It

The billable hour, for better or worse, dominates Big Law. Here's how that happened. Also, the main arguments for it, criticisms against it, and how some of the alternative fee arrangements stack up.

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