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DoorDash Must Arbitrate Misclassification Suit, Couriers Say

More than 2,200 couriers alleging they were misclassified as independent contractors asked a California federal court to compel individual arbitration against DoorDash Inc., saying the on-demand delivery company must abide by the agreement that it so often uses to thwart would-be litigants.

Fired Public Employees Who Didn’t Pay Union Fees Lose Appeal

The constitutional right to freedom of association doesn’t help 13 public workers who didn’t pay union fees from adverse employment decisions based solely on the union representing them during collective bargaining, the Second Circuit said Nov. 18.

Blue Bird Prevails in Appeal Over Worker’s Race Bias Lawsuit

Blue Bird Corp. was rightly awarded summary judgment in a racial discrimination lawsuit brought by an African-American man who worked as a line shift supervisor at the company’s bus assembly plant because he couldn’t establish a prima facie case of bias, the Eleventh Circuit ruled.

Fiat Chrysler Clashes With Union Spoiling for Another Strike

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, the Italian-American automaker in the midst of merger talks, has little room to maneuver in negotiations with the United Auto Workers union that’s turned its attention to the company after securing new contracts with its U.S. rivals.

The H-1B Visa: A Brief History From Truman to Trump

The history of the H-1B visa from its origins in 1952, when Harry S. Truman was president, to the major developments since Trump’s “Buy American and Hire American” executive order.

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