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Facebook Isn’t Going to Apologize for Creating Instagram Youth (1)

Facebook will have to convince many more skeptical parents as it plans a children’s version of Instagram, its flagship photo-sharing app. The standard version requires users to be 13, but Facebook says the new app will give preteens access to most of the same features, which probably means the ability to post and share photos and videos, like and follow accounts, and use photo filters.

ANALYSIS: What If Half the SPACs Don’t De-SPAC?

Headlines about a bursting—or already-burst—SPAC market bubble abound. But even if half of SPACs fail to make it to the finish line by merging with a private company, the M&A market can still reasonably count at least a couple hundred “de-SPAC” deals in the pipeline.

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Telehealth Is Booming During Covid. Is it Here to Stay?

Millions of Americans have taken advantage of telehealth during the coronavirus pandemic, so why has it taken so long for widespread adoption?

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