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Biden Admin Escalating Its War on Noncompete Pacts (Podcast)

We learned earlier this year that the Biden administration doesn’t like it when employers impose noncompete clauses on their employees. In January, the Federal Trade Commission rolled out a proposal that would enact a near total ban on them. But, now that a second federal agency has taken action against noncompetes, it’s clear just how deep the administration’s distaste runs.

Former Amgen Employee Loses Attempt to Reinstate Takings Claim

A former Amgen Inc. employee who contends that he helped the US government reach a lucrative False Claims Act settlement with the biopharmaceutical company lost a bid to revive his claim that the government made an unlawful taking under the Fifth Amendment, the Federal Circuit said Tuesday.

US Wins Challenge to Yellowstone Contract Termination Ruling

A contract appeals board must reconsider its conclusion that the Federal Highway Administration improperly terminated for default Eagle Peak Rock & Paving Inc.'s $35 million contract for construction work in Yellowstone National Park, a divided Federal Circuit ruled Tuesday.

Eagle Harbor’s $341 Million DOE Contract Gets Another Look

Kupono Government Services LLC and Akima Systems Engineering LLC won protests challenging the US Department of Energy’s procurement for management and operation services at the department’s National Training Center, the GAO said in a decision released Tuesday.

Biomedical Research Agency Posts Innovative Technology Wish List

The agency in charge of developing health technology is planning to use a small business program aimed at transitioning innovations to government and commercial users to support research into topics like tools for autonomous surgery and microneedle patches for drug delivery.

Infrastructure: The Hardest Easiest Problem

A brief history of highway infrastructure challenges in the United States.