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RV Maker Must Pay Attorney Fees in Lemon Lawsuit Reports Dispute

A Florida man suing Forest River Inc. over an allegedly defective recreational vehicle is entitled to $3,000 in attorneys’ fees for having to force the company to produce prior consumer complaints about the same model of RV, a federal court in Florida ruled.

OSHA Virus Rules for Employers Are About More Than Just Masks

The federal agency that polices workplace safety has stopped short of enacting an emergency rule to guard against on-the-job transmission of the novel coronavirus, but employers still must adhere to numerous existing regulations as they try to manage the risk and uncertainty created by the global pandemic.

Boeing, Raytheon Fight to Protect Data in Federal Contracts

The federal government can do whatever it pleases with a contractor’s technical data, including passing on prototypes to competitors, under the unlimited rights licenses that it makes many companies agree to if they want to work for the U.S., it told the Federal Circuit last week.

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Coronavirus Is Changing the Way Lawyers Work

Lawyers from New York City to Seattle tell us how the coronavirus is impacting their work and how they are responding.

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