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April 19, 2021, 9:01 AM

ANALYSIS: Lawyers, Take a Moment for Self-Care. It’s Free!

Molly Huie
Molly Huie
Team Lead, Data Analysis and Surveys

The fact that Well-Being Week in Law even exists speaks volumes about our profession. As a former therapist, I can tell you that well-being effects everything. Well-being is foundational to being able to work effectively. These days, many of us are reaching for merely “OK” more than “great” or even “good”. With lawyer well-being week just around the corner (May 3–7, according to the Institute for Well-Being in Law), I want to remind lawyers that there are plentiful resources at their disposal in Bloomberg Law that are geared toward lawyer well-being and also professional development, of which well-being is a critical component.

ICYMI: Well-Being Issues Abound in Law

We’ve spent a lot of time analyzing data around well-being, and can tell you lawyers work long hours and are prone to burnout and an inability to disconnect from work. Data from our recent Attorney Workload and Hours survey show just how prevalent many well-being issues are. Three-quarters of surveyed attorneys say they have experienced work-related disrupted sleep or anxiety.

Don’t Have Well-Being Week FOMO

Many attorneys could make use of the type of help offered through lawyer well-being week, so don’t let it pass you by. And don’t get stuck thinking well-being is only needed for attorneys at firms; in-house lawyers can benefit from well-being resources too. There’s a suite of content on lawyer well-being in Bloomberg Law, as well as resources designed to set new lawyers up for success through continual professional growth. Take a few minutes for self-care and find some resources devoted to supporting your well-being.

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