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Wall Street’s Post-Zoom Interns Revive Work-and-Play-Hard Cycle

Fourteen-hour workdays followed by late-night dancing at Phebe’s Tavern and Grill, the notorious intern bar. Coffee with the boss on JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s ground floor. Impromptu rooftop gatherings with colleagues. Analysts shouting stock prices across a busy trading floor.

Matt Levine’s Money Stuff: SPAC Shareholders Get Distracted

A SPAC that announces a deal and trades to $10.15 is not going to get all that much enthusiasm, but nor is it going to attract hordes of Robinhood traders who just forget to vote. Churchill Capital Corp. IV did attract those hordes, and they did forget to vote, but eventually it was able to track them down and point out that it was in their best interests to vote.

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