Personal Injury Lawyers Star in Super Bowl Ads of Their Own

Feb. 1, 2019, 11:15 PM

Personal injury lawyers are preparing for the Super Bowl the way lots of large corporations are, by placing the final touches on a raft of offbeat, sometimes humorous TV ads.

Zombies, super heroes, and “Game of Thrones” parody characters who look like the “King in the North,” Robb Stark, are among the colorful characters in these ads.

In recent years, small-firm and solo practitioner personal injury attorneys across the country have banked that running Super Bowl ads—usually targeted through local network affiliate stations and not nationally—will bring in more clients.

“People pay more attention to Super Bowl ads, because they think they’re new and unique,” Daniel Rottier, president of the 13-office Wisconsin firm Habush Habush & Rottier, told Bloomberg Law. “And ours was unique.”

Here are some of the local attorney ads that have appeared during recent Super Bowls:

Over the last couple of years, personal injury attorney Darryl Isaacs of Isaacs & Isaacs, which serves clients in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio, has produced big-hit ads that have garnered millions of social media hits. He produced another blockbuster spot for this year’s game, just released on YouTube. The ad features huge evil mechanized robot goblins who demand that innocent accident victims “Take this small check—or get nothing!” Then Isaacs flies on to the scene inside a Transformer-style machine to save the day. Isaacs said the ads run in two local markets at a cost of $90,000 for the airtime plus an “insane” six-figure ad-production cost total. He added that historically he can’t say the ads attract a lot of new business directly, “but it certainly gets our brand out.”

Savannah, Ga. personal injury attorney Jamie Casino may take the trophy for the most dramatic Super Bowl advertisement. He made his big entrance on the Super Bowl ad scene in 2014 with a two-minute halftime commercial. The ad starred Casino as a hammer wielding action hero and featured a heavy metal soundtrack and lots of flames. He has followed up with more action-packed spots in the years since.

The Habush Habush & Rottier ad that ran during last year’s Super Bowl is amosdng the more serious-minded of personal injury ads, featuring sharks swarming in the background and a cast of firm lawyers in the foreground, with a voice-over sensitively intoning that “Sometimes, people refer to lawyers as sharks. At Habush Habush & Rottier, this hurts our feelings, because a shark never stood up for the little guy, and a shark will prey on the injured.”

Personal injury attorney Rob Levine—who goes by “The Heavy Hitter,” and serves clients in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut has had less glossy, but creative ads of his own. They feature hero-cowboys, one of whom, played by Levine, looks like action star Chuck Norris, and zombies. “The best call you’ll ever make,” he says in the zombie spot.

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