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Aug. 31, 2022, 9:45 PM

Lyft Said to Misclassify Drivers to Avoid Sex Assault Liability

Joyce E. Cutler
Joyce E. Cutler
Staff Correspondent

Lyft Inc. classifies its drivers as independent contractors to avoid protecting them from—and to evade liability for—sexual assault, one in a series of lawsuits filed Wednesday alleged.

Those claims were among many contained in 18 new lawsuits and arbitration actions filed by rideshare drivers and passengers across the country, alleging they’d been attacked in what their lawyers said reflects Lyft’s systemic failure to ensure users’ safety.

“The lack of training and remedies afforded to Lyft’s driver-employees was by Lyft’s design,” ex-driver Amy Collins said in her San Francisco Superior Court lawsuit. She contends the company misclassified her as an ...