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Sept. 1, 2020, 6:30 PM

TikTok U.S. Privacy Judge Frowns on Fractured Deal Talks (1)

Malathi Nayak
Malathi Nayak
Bloomberg News

The judge overseeing U.S. privacy litigation against embattled TikTok Inc. cautioned the video-streaming company and consumer lawyers who’ve been squabbling over a possible settlement that they risk having it rejected if it doesn’t represent everyone’s interests.

The Chicago federal judge’s order Tuesday adds a wrinkle to the push to resolve multiple lawsuits as the video-streaming app faces a shutdown by President Donald Trump and a potential sale of its U.S. operations. TikTok, which told the court last month it reached a “settlement in principle” with some plaintiffs, is facing a pushback from a group of attorneys representing consumers in California ...