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July 29, 2022, 1:58 PM

Vince McMahon Exits WWE With $3 Billion After String of Scandals

Anders Melin
Anders Melin
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Josephine Walker

He built the glitzy world of professional make-believe wrestling, carved out a new niche of American show business and amassed a fortune along the way.

He survived a string of controversies, accusations of harassment and even a federal indictment — before revelations of hush-money payments upended his half-century career.

Now everyone in the wrestling ring and beyond wants to know: What’s next for Vince McMahon?

“Time for me to retire,” the 76-year-old controlling shareholder of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. wrote on Twitter on July 22. “Thank you, WWE Universe.” The reactions ranged from gleeful jeers to befuddled disbelief. McMahon wasn’t ...