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Can the Pentagon be Ready, Lethal, and Also Green? (Podcast)

July 6, 2022, 6:37 PM

A group of 12 Republican senators criticized the Pentagon’s Climate Adaptation Plan last year, saying its focus in that area distracts from its mission of fielding a “ready and lethal force.”

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But the Defense Department, and its commander in chief, counter that the exact opposite is true.

They contend its many climate initiatives—everything from shoring up flood-prone installations to electrifying its fleet of tanks and armored vehicles—actually make the military more capable, not less.

On this episode of Parts Per Billion, our environmental policy podcast, Bloomberg Law reporter Stephen Lee talks with us about what the department is doing to both prepare for climate change and to reduce its own emissions, and about whether the charges that the agency is taking its eye off the ball have any merit.

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