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Business, Interrupted: Insurers No Help For Businesses (Podcast)

Nov. 12, 2020, 7:40 PM

Businesses all across the country have been shutdown for days, weeks, or even months at a time due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many assumed their insurance policies would help them defray some of their lost revenue. But those assumptions were, by and large, wrong.

In this special audio documentary, “Business, Interrupted” we look at why insurers denied the claims of their shuttered policyholders. A team of reporters from Bloomberg Law and Bloomberg Tax look into the so-called “virus exclusion” clauses, that insurers quietly inserted into many of their business policies, and how those clauses are now creating strife between insurers and businesses.

We hear from several small business owners across the country about the shock they felt when their pandemic claims were denied, in some cases within hours after filing. We also hear from regulators and lawmakers about whether they will force insurers to retroactively honor these claims, a possibility that insurers view as an existential threat to their entire industry.

This project is a special episode of our new long-form podcast series "[Un]Common Law.” In this podcast, we’ll be taking deep dives into thorny legal, government, and tax issues that are playing out across the country. Subscribe now, wherever you get your podcasts, to receive a new audio documentary series every quarter.

--With assistance from Lydia Beyoud, Evan Weinberger and, David Hood

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