Legal Business Gatekeepers Cling to Their Bar Exam (Podcast)

Dec. 7, 2021, 8:54 PM

Hiring a lawyer is expensive—way too expensive, according to Clifford Winston. The Brookings Institution economist and former MIT professor says the legal profession’s excessive licensure requirements are the cause of this, leading to an industry where demand far exceeds supply.

Winston has written several books about the problem and about why he thinks basic legal tasks should be opened up to people who haven’t necessarily passed the bar, or even possess a law degree. Winston spoke with Adam Allington, a Bloomberg Law audio producer and host of the investigative podcast series, [Un]Common Law, for Adam’s recent three-part series on the bar exam.

In this interview, Winston lays out his argument for why lawyers are harming the public good, while also lining their own pockets, by making it so difficult to join their ranks.

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