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FAQs For They’ve Got Next: The 40 Under 40

Jan. 19, 2021, 6:23 PM

We’re thrilled about responses we’ve received on “They’ve Got Next: The 40 Under 40" to date. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that you may find helpful.

Can Candidates Who Have Been Featured in the “They’ve Got Next” Editorial Series Be Considered for the “40 Under 40?” Are Their Chances Impacted?

The “They’ve Got Next: The 40 Under 40” submission process is distinct from the ongoing, reporter-driven editorial series. Firms, companies and non-profits can feel free to nominate a candidate who has been featured in the editorial series. And being featured in the former will not impact consideration for the latter.

To pitch young lawyers for the ongoing editorial series, please reach out to Lisa Helem ( To submit for “They’ve Got Next: The 40 Under 40,” send your submissions to

How Many Attorneys Can We Nominate?

A firm, company or non-profit may officially nominate one attorney. But we will consider a maximum of two attorneys per employer. A second attorney from the same firm, company or non-profit may be nominated by a peer, a client or self-nominate. That nomination should come directly from the nominator.

How Should We Send Recommendation Letters?

Submissions for consideration for “They’ve Got Next: The 40 Under 40” should arrive in completed form. Recommendation letters should arrive with the nomination package. Once nominations are complete, please send all materials to (Note: Only complete submissions will be considered.)

For Recommendation Letters, Will They Be Weighted Differently, Depending on the Source?

Nominators should send their two strongest letters of support on behalf of nominees. Firms and companies may choose to provide two letters from clients, a mix of letters (i.e. one client and one attorney mentor) or some other combination. We will evaluate all recommendation letters – whether they come from clients, mentors or other attorneys – in the same way.

If a Colleague or a Client is the Nominator, Must That Person Write One of the Two Letters of Recommendation?

No. There’s no requirement on this. We encourage nominators to submit their two strongest letters of recommendation on behalf of nominees.

Can We Provide Confidential Information?

We ask that nominators refrain from including confidential information in submissions. Materials submitted for the nomination should all be considered on the record, excepting personal details like birth dates.

For any other questions, please email

To contact the reporter on this story: Lisa Helem at