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Indian High Court Ruling Gives Certainty to Foreign Investors

Aditya Singh Chandel and Suhail Bansal of AZB & Partners consider a recent ruling of the Delhi High Court on the sufficiency of a tax residency certificate to claim tax treaty benefits, and explain why the decision will bring certainty for foreign investors in India.

Tax Pros and Their Clients Can Be Targets of ‘Vishing’ Scams

Vishing, the phone-based version of email phishing, can trick clients into divulging sensitive information that scammers use for financial gain. John Wilson of Fortra explains how tax professionals can detect and avoid such scams to protect themselves and their clients.


Racial Bias in the Tax Code Needs More Transparent Research

Congress has an oversight responsibility when it comes to tax programs in the US tax code. Taxpayers and voters are entitled to transparency when it comes to entitlement programs, says American University tax professor Caroline Bruckner.

Tax Law Stifles Innovation of Biopharma Research and Development

US multinational companies that perform research and development both at home and abroad are being penalized through the forced capitalization of their R&D expenses—and by a loss of foreign tax credits from jurisdictions where refundable tax credits are available, says Bridget Goutopoulos of Charles River Laboratories.

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Here’s How We Can Learn and Improve From the French Tax Code

The French tax code’s underlying language was written to run on processors that were about a third as powerful as the one in a cellphone. But despite its aging technical infrastructure, the French tax season plays out in a way that would seem like a fever dream for most American accountants and tax attorneys.

Feminist Economists From Africa Challenge Tax System Gender Bias

A recent study of 16 African nations’ tax systems concluded there was little concern for reducing gender inequality. Those who drive a broad gender justice agenda and those who advance the gender tax agenda may find common ground in analogous struggles—for US civil rights and for African anti-colonial independence.


Spotlight on Strategic Risk Company Founder and CEO Van Carlson

Our Spotlight series highlights the careers and lives of tax professionals around the world. This week’s Spotlight is on Van Carlson, the founder and CEO of SRA 831(b) Admin, a strategic risk alternatives company in Idaho that administers 831(b) plans, which allows businesses to set aside tax-deferred funds for risks that are uninsured or underinsured.

Spotlight on New York Tax Attorney and Partner Sahar Zomorodi

Our Spotlight series highlights the careers and lives of tax professionals around the world. This week’s Spotlight is on Sahar Zomorodi, an Iranian-American attorney who is a partner in Baker McKenzie’s North America Tax Practice Group in New York.

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