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June 3, 2022, 8:15 PM

Proctor360 Dismissed From Suit Alleging Biometrics Collection

Samantha Hawkins
Samantha Hawkins
Legal Reporter

Proctor360 was dismissed from a suit alleging that the online proctoring software collected students’ biometric information without their permission, after a Proctor360 attorney said that the company was misidentified as the defendant.

Jordan Williams brought the proposed class action in March, claiming that Proctor360 collected, stored, and used the eye movements and facial expressions of thousands of Illinois university students when they used the software to take exams, in violation of Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act.

Proctor360 attorney Steven Mandell of Mandell Menkes LLC said that Williams misidentified Proctor360 as a defendant, and Williams immediately dismissed the case when it ...