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Dec. 9, 2020, 9:45 AM

Black Lawyers Speak: Stories of the Past, Hopes for the Future (Podcast)

Lisa Helem
Lisa Helem
Executive Editor
Adam Allington
Adam Allington
Senior Producer

For months now, law firms and companies across the nation have joined the national dialogue on race and equality—sprouting up amid outcry over the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others — to take a fresh look at how their corporate cultures can better incorporate diversity and inclusion. But every effort to change culture comes with a cost: disruption of the status quo. Is the legal profession willing to pay it?

This podcast takes aim at this question and others. Why has Big Law struggled for decades to hire and promote more Black attorneys, despite years of discussion and efforts? What can we learn from the sacrifices and triumphs of pathbreaking law firm leaders and law professors? And will the hopes African American lawyers have held for greater equity in corporate spaces finally be realized this time?

In this podcast series, we’ll be peeling the curtain back on the experiences of African American lawyers at elite law firms and companies and their work for equality in the profession. You’ll hear insight on the challenges of culture change, and why, despite it all, they have great hope for the future.

In episode one, Bloomberg Law Executive Editor for Strategic Initiatives Lisa Helem and Senior Audio Journalist Adam Allington interview:

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