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March 9, 2023, 7:26 PM

Windsor Framework a ‘Really Good Deal,’ Ireland’s McGrath Says

Morwenna Coniam
Morwenna Coniam
Bloomberg News

The agreement reached between the European Union and the UK on post-Brexit trade in Northern Ireland, known as the ‘Windsor Framework,’ is a “really good deal overall,” according to Ireland’s finance minister.

The deal “ensures that Northern Ireland has the best of both worlds,” Michael McGrath told Bloomberg Television’s Kriti Gupta and Jon Erlichman late Thursday. “It has access to the internal UK market uninhibited and it also has access to the single market in the European Union.”

Watch: Ireland’s finance minister talks about post-Brexit trade deal.
Source: Bloomberg

The accord also protects the Good Friday Agreement — the 1998 peace treaty that largely ended decades of violence in the ...