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April 23, 2019, 10:17 AM

Researcher Looks to Breed Cows for Climate Change

Christopher Flavelle
Christopher Flavelle
Bloomberg News

In the hour after dawn, the cattle ranches north of Lake Okeechobee become an almost fantastical rendering of bucolic bliss. Perfect Florida sunshine rolls across miles of fire-hued grass, silhouetting idle cows in twos and threes, backlighting patches of slender, bushy-topped Sabal palms with bursts of orange and red. It’s as if a cowboy story had been illustrated by Dr. Seuss.

Then the heat starts. On a typical summer day, the temperature here breaks 80 degrees Fahrenheit by 9 a.m., 90 degrees by early afternoon.

And it’s only getting hotter. Of the 10 warmest months on record, all but one ...