Florida and Georgia Fight Winner-Take-All Water War (Podcast)

Feb. 17, 2021, 8:02 PM

The first argument on the Supreme Court’s docket when it returns from winter break Feb. 22 is a fight over water rights between Florida and Georgia.

Bloomberg Law Florida correspondent Jennifer Kay says the dispute is so contentious that, if the states were sovereign countries, warfare might be the only way to resolve it.

The heart of the conflict is a watershed that spans across both states. Florida says Georgia is using so much freshwater that it’s making a famous oyster habitat too salty. Georgia denies this, and says a ruling against it would damage its agriculture industry.

For this week’s episode of our environmental podcast, Parts Per Billion, Jennifer breaks down the heart of the conflict, and we hear from people living in these states who will be most affected no matter what the justices decide.

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