The Rams must face a certified class action by Missouri fans alleging that tickets and merchandise they bought in St. Louis were less valuable after the team’s move was announced.

Whether the Rams misrepresented their true intentions about the move and whether those actions violate Missouri law are common issues that unite the class, Judge Timothy J. Boyer wrote Feb. 6 for the Missouri Circuit Court.

The Rams recently reached a $24 million settlement with former seat-license holders. The deal won preliminary approval in federal court Dec. 5, 2018.

Here, fans alleged the team violated the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act by misrepresenting their plans to move the team to Los Angeles.

The Rams argued against adjudicating the case on a classwide basis because causation and loss will vary among class members. But a class action under the MMPA doesn’t require a showing of individual causation, the court said.

“Because plaintiffs alleged that Rams merchandise and tickets were worth less than the products as represented, they have stated an objectively ascertainable loss under the MMPA using the benefit-of-the-bargain rule,” it said.

The Holland Law Firm was appointed class counsel.

Dentons US LLP represented the Rams.

The case is Pudlowski v. The St. Louis Rams LLC, Mo. Cir. Ct., No. 1622-CC83, 2/6/19.