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Xerox Moves to India, ‘Follow the Sun’ Model

June 3, 2015, 10:04 PM

Xerox Litigation Services this week opened an offshore managed review center outside Delhi, in an effort to offer a “follow the sun” workflow for clients that want a continuous, 24-hour work cycle.

Its office in Noida, about 15 miles outside Delhi, adds offshore managed review to the list of discovery services Xerox offers. It launched U.S. managed review services in November 2012, and also offers data collection and data processing.

“We’re reacting to globalization,” said Christine Yi, acting head of Xerox Managed Review. “Our customers are working around the clock and this concept of follow the sun workflow is something that our clients — which are predominantly multinational companies — can take advantage of and we can be end-to-end service providers.”

Yi added, “A lot of our clients are looking for similar type of review services [as what’s available in the U.S.] for a significant cost reduction.”

Xerox has hired around 30 certified attorneys in India, called ‘advocates’ in the local parlance, to staff the Noita facility, which has 72 work stations and the capacity to add 152 work stations, according to Yi. The company maintains more than 700 workstations in the U.S. in the Detroit-area, Houston, New York and Washington, D.C. It is marketing its India operations for clients that want to save money by having attorneys in India conduct a first-pass review, then sending it to the U.S. for double-checking.

Other companies such as Epiq Systems, Kroll Ontrack and Huron Consulting provide similar services. Huron has around 1,000 workstations for managed review spread across the U.S., London and India. Kroll Ontrack and Epiq did not respond to requests for comment by the time of publication.

Yi said the facility maintains strict security protocolsoften a concern for corporate clients when shipping legal work overseas — including biometric access for each floor and room; cell phones are not allowed in the workspace; security guards stand at each floor and each room, and are available to frisk attorneys if additional level of security is needed.