Results Are In: What’s The “Hottest” Law Firm Practice Area?

March 10, 2015, 6:05 PM

When Big Law Business launched last week, we opened a poll that asked readers what the “hottest,” most active practice area is.

Readers had five choices: mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, energy and infrastructure, white collar defense or commercial litigation. With 115 votes tallied, we decided to check the results.

Transactional activity has been rebounding, and that’s exactly what our poll showed: Mergers and acquisitions was the crowd favorite, carrying more than 32 percent of the tally, but intellectual property was close behind with more than 24 percent.

The numbers make some sense. Lex Machina reported in January that patent litigation spiked by 32 percent in December, and industry reports show that transactional deal flow hasn’t waned.

See the full breakdown of poll results below:

• Mergers and Acquisitions (32.17 %) 37 votes • Intellectual Property (24.35 %) 28 votes • Energy and Infrastructure (20.87 %) 24 votes • White Collar Defense (17.39 %) 20 votes • Commercial Litigation (5.22%) 6 votes

One other note: We intend to make polls a regular feature, so if you have any nagging questions you want answered, shoot us an email. Or feel free to leave your ideas for new polls in the comments section below.

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