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Wake Up Call: U.S. Firms’ London Junior Lawyers Cite Long Days

In today’s column, Jenner & Block was hired by producers to investigate Alec Baldwin’s fatal shooting of a cinematographer on a movie set in New Mexico; bringing young lawyers into leadership earlier might help law firms deal with management burnout and talent drain, some observers said; a Miami-based bank started a group focused on lending to law firms.

ANALYSIS: Strategies for Success in the Hertz Chapter 11 Case

In a recent Bloomberg Law webinar concerning Hertz’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy, there were three strategies the panelists discussed that stood out as big contributors to the case’s success: maintaining a vision for the case resolution, building a cooperative atmosphere, and taking advantage of opportunities for competition.

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Dentons Mum on Sudden CEO Ouster While Defending His ‘Success’

In 10 years as managing partner and then U.S. CEO of Dentons, Mike McNamara helped stitch together the self-described “world’s largest law firm” by clinching a merger after it was initially rejected and championing an expansion audaciously named “Project Golden Spike.”

Big Law's Big Paychecks: Partner Compensation, Explained

Law firm partners in Big Law earn a lot of money, but just how much they make can vary widely. Whether it's equity or non-equity or merit versus lockstep, this video explains what goes into determining the size of those paychecks at elite law firms.

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